Pets training points.

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Pets training points.

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What is the bug?
Currently hunters get to spend 35000 training points for their pets. They are supposed to have 350 points only. (source:

What kind of bug is it? (Quest, Class, Spell, PvE)

How can you reproduce it?
Make a hunter, tame a pet and try to train it.
Please describe, in detail, what is suppose to occur when this bug happens:
Please describe, in detail, what happens when it bugs up, and how it's malfunctioning:
They get to max all the resistances making the pets resist more spells- I'm pretty sure it was done on purpose, but since the hunters got some more love from the dev I think they really need that.

Evidence providing proof of bug:
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Re: Pets training points.

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Fixed when Henhouse applies some SQL stuff, so idk when it will be live.
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