Quest Bug ( Scarlet Subterfuge )

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Quest Bug ( Scarlet Subterfuge )

Post by Azrion »

While doing a quest chain, i stumble upon a bugged quest which has halted my progression at the moment. can you have a look and fix it.

1. What is the bug?
Ans: When i take the Quest, then i am suppose to click the Npc (Myranda the Hag) so she can cast an Illusion of Scarlet Solider or something onto me so i can walk to Hearthglen to deliver the quest items without being attack...yet when i click her all my character does is shoot a firework flare and that's about it no illusion takes over.

2. What kind of bug is it? (Quest, Class, Spell, PvE)
Ans: Quest

3. How can you reproduce it?
Ans: by retaking the Quest from the Npc (Myranda the Hag) although since this is part of a bigger quest chain from Tirion fordring i am not sure if this npc will appear before completing the quests before.

4. Please describe, in detail, what is suppose to occur when this bug happens:
Ans: once quest is taken, we are suppose to click the Npc and she will cast illusion spell on use so we can look like a member of scarlet crusade and then walk in hearthglen without being attacked by its members and deliver the quest item.

5. Please describe, in detail, what happens when it bugs up, and how it's malfunctioning
Ans: when i take the quest and click the Npc there this text i am suppose to click once i do that my character shoots a firework flare and that's about it, no illusion nothing, i have tried walking into hearthglen but they attack me.

6. Evidence providing proof of bug:

Thank you
Kind Regards

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