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This is a quote from your "About Us" Page on

"Our design approach is important to us. We designed our server to not need GM interaction to progress in the game, but, like retail, only be around for support and moderating purposes."

Why do I always see the GM "Jupiner" interacting with players and using his "powers" acting as a parent/guardian for the players on Smolderforge.
I love Smolderforge and I've been a player since 2010 but due to circumstances I haven't had a chance to play for a few years until I recently came back a week ago and I must say this GM "Jupiner" is NOT representing the Smolderforge I used to know and love. He is not above players and should not decide what a player says or does. If someone is being "offensive" there's a IGNORE LIST for that reason. If someone is multi-boxing there's NO REASON he should be banned especially when all of this was allowed in retail. He's policing the server and whoever doesn't agree with him has NO say when some people like myself have donated over hundreds of dollars and always promoted Smolderforge through its good and bad days. He's not earning the respect of the players instead he's demanding it due to a title that was given to him for whatever odd reason. I sincerely hope you have a talk with your GM "Jupiner" and have him understand his interaction with players as a GM is ruining the server and the very principles Smolderforge stands for. If he wants to interact with players/customers of Smolderforge there's nothing stopping him from making a NON-GM account and playing like any other person would. If he thinks someone is being offensive he's entitled to his own opinion like anyone else who plays on Smolderforge and can simply ask them to stop or choose to put them on the ignore list like any other player on Smolderforge has the option of doing. What he finds offensive may not be offensive to another player. He's NOT the only player on the server and his personality/emotions should not affect his GM-making decisions. Like I said, there's a Ignore List for a reason and muting a player because another player decides not to use it is entirely THAT players fault. He is NOT mom or dad and he needs to STOP acting like it.

Banning someone for Multi-boxing and then you announce it in the "LFG channel" to all the players. What in the hell? There's a reason kicking/banning someone doesn't announce it to all the players. It instills fear into your damn players and scares them away. Why aren't these rules, he's banning/kicking/muting people for posted on

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